In order to help potential clients appreciate the storytelling aspect of my work, I recently overhauled my website. Here’s your quick guide to the most important improvements.

Exit single photos, enter photo stories

One of the major limitations of my old website was being restricted to posting single photos to a masonry layout. I’d chosen for this option because I liked having an overwhelming wall of colourful images. However, I gradually found out that my work is best viewed in its context, that is, as part of the entire story it tells.

My portfolio now shows a set of photos series each consisting of 10-40 images that tell a story about an athlete, a team, an event or an adventure abroad.

Adding some words

Another experience I really wanted to offer visitors to my website, was reading some background information when viewing a photo story. While some of these stories are pretty self-explanatory, others really need some backstory to fully appreciate them. This series of portraits shot for adidas is a prime example. As an extra benefit, this doesn’t hurt my website’s SEO either.

Behind the scenes around the world

One thing was still missing on my website: showing a little bit of myself. I did a little digging in my archives and managed to come up with a nice gallery of behind the scenes photos showing the places I’ve worked.

I’m hoping these improvements will help (potential) clients get a better feel for what I do, what makes my work unique and what kind of person they’ll be working with.