Bram Berkien: bio

Active lifestyle photographer

My focus as an active lifestyle photographer is on capturing images of athletes. I’m available for hire for both commercial and editorial assignments, working in the Netherlands and throughout Europe.

My focus is on photographing athletes’ lifestyles. Personal and sincere contact with these persons is vital. I aim for my work to be accessible but not safe or conventional. My photos showcase the athlete’s energy, emotion and dedication, allowing viewers to really connect with and admire the athlete and their lifestyle. Timing and great light are essential elements for my work. Ultimately I like my photos to have a cinematic quality.

My photography helps strong brands build long term loyalty from their consumers, by showcasing their core values through capturing the hard work and characters of their athletes. Some of the brands that believe in this approach include PSV Eindhoven, Klean Kanteen, Red Bull, adidas, Jaybird, Herbalife, La Sportiva and Mad Rock.

Currently I’m taking commercial assignments that fit my style and interests. I’m convinced of the value of doing personal projects. It keeps me inspired and allows me to showcase what I’m capable of, in addition to having the opportunity to work with top athletes. These include world-class climbers and Olympic medalists.

Climbing plays a major role in my life. In addition to being a dedicated climber myself, I’m the co-founder of the climbing platform Siked.


Bram Berkien photographing on Mer de Glace near Chamonix in the French Alps


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